A vision that involves us all

Europe is stuck in an existential crisis. We ask ourselves: What it is all about and what do we want to achieve?


The European Union is a success story. The process of European unification has made an island of peace and wealth out of a torn continent. After the Second World War, bitter enemies of the past became partners. Later, after the end of the Cold War, the united idea of Europe helped to heal the wounds that had been caused by the Iron Curtain between West and East. The single European market has made Europe more closely connected economically than ever before and the possibility to travel freely between the Schengen countries has brought people closer.


These unique accomplishments have, however, been under high scrutiny since at least 2008. Europe, which was as solid as a rock, seemed to suddenly be showing signs of weakness. Nowadays people doubt the vision of Europe. Their trust in European institutions is steadily decreasing and they no longer feel represented in Europe. Therefore Europe finds itself not only in an economical crisis but also with a problem of legitimation. This is worrying but also a great chance to rethink Europe. Michel Marlière, the founder of TerraEuropa, wishes to make the most of this chance.