A bridge between three generations

Our future is not a project which can be bought in a shop – we can create and change it ourselves.


Firstly, TerraEuropa aims to find out exactly what it is that people expect from the EU. New ideas, projects and visions should emerge through dialogues between the generations. The main focus should be the expectations of the young generation. Until now, they have hardly had the chance to express their opinions although they are directly affected by the crisis. In contrast to the older generations, who launched or, at the very least, positively experienced the European unification process, the young people are Europeans out of habit and who, in the light of current high youth unemployment levels, could easily be quick to question Europe.

They are, however, also the generation who can shape tomorrow’s Europe. TerraEuropa wants to give them the chance to do just that. In the first stage, the project brought German and French students together in order to develop their own, new vision for Europe. This meeting showed that there is still much power behind the idea of a united Europe. Michel Marlière remembers the students’ discussions happily: “You can see that they are passionate about Europe and for a simple reason: They thought intensively about what they could establish together.” Now TerraEuropa wants to extend these fruitful discussions to other countries.