New stimuli for European Unification

Young people nowadays are Europeans out of habit – but they have also become much more international.


In the dialogues between German and French students, which were initiated by TerraEuropa, many ideas for a better European Union emerged. The Europaper originated as a result of these dialogues and the belief in their own ability to help to shape Europe. It is a joint paper by the German and French students. The discussions and conversations, from which this optimism for a revitalised Europe came, were invaluable. And that is exactly what should now be continued in other countries.

For this reason, the next thing that TerraEuropa will do is to interview and bring together young people from Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Great Britain. The opinion of young people from countries particularly affected by the crisis will offer a brand new perspective on Europe’s future. The fruitful dialogue should also contribute new stimuli for European Unification.