TerraEuropa: A platform for Europe


In June 2012, TerraEuropa was founded as a non-profit limited company by Michel Marlière. In the light of growing concern and doubt about Europe’s unification, TerraEuropa aims to strengthen the idea of Europe and to promote a more intensive debate concerning Europe. TerraEuropa provides a platform for young people to exchange their ideas of Europe with each other and with representatives from politics, the economy and society. In this role, the project also sees itself as a platform for the intercommunication between countries and generations.


Our goals serve the European Vision

TerraEuropa has the following targets:

  • To present the European Project, through dialogue, as a relevant and positive topic for young people.

  • To create stimuli for a new foundation of the European project by means of methodical work and communication with young adults.

  • To develop a network of European initiatives and universities in order to refuel the European notion through partnerships.