Summary of results from the Ipsos Survey

(April – May 2013)

Which role does Europe play in the lives of the young generation in France and Germany? How important is a European community of states to them and why? Which projects have the highest priority in the eyes of the young generation? 1,006 Germans and 1,003 French were asked their opinion of Europe within the framework of the quantitative Ipsos survey. The results painted an interesting picture.


Results of the focus groups

(October – November 2013)

How does the much-documented Generation Y feel about Europe? Which expectations do they have of the European Union? What are their issues? What are their fears? And how does this all fit in with the perception of life, with the intentions, wishes and anxieties of young adults? TerraEuropa discussed these questions in Berlin and Paris with students aged between 20 and 25 years, divided into five focus groups based on the outcome of the above-mentioned Ipsos survey.


(December 2013)

Based on the findings of the multi-tiered TerraEuropa process, it can be concluded that students from Germany and France, by means of the EuroPaper, wish to set a course for their generation within Europe.